US Night Election 2016

New York CityThis evening, we will finally know, between Trump and Clinton, who is gonna be elected to serve as 45th President of the United States. A surname versus a first name. The dominant male facing the one who is probably gonna be the first Mother of the Nation. Well, that’s according the polls, where she leads with some few points, on the Republican side everything seems possible. As he proved before, Trump is full of surprises and prudence remains in place. In fact, that’s the general feeling coming out of this evening in the streets of New York. Some areas in the city are particularly animated (Trump Tower, Rockefeller Center, Times Square), time stands still in Manhattan: everything is calm, the usual fever, excitement disappeared, subway lines are surprisingly empty. Both sides of the campaign are holding their breath while waiting for the results to be announced on giant screens here and there. Time lasts this evening. Nevertheless, as the vote counting process is underway, on one side tensions can be seen on supporters’ faces, and on the other side, some yelling are beginning to appear. Finally, just before midnight, the unthinkable or unhoped just happened. Americans just decided who is gonna be their next President.

...USA have their new President.

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